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    Tonight we heard Some Alternatives for the proposed widening of Old kings Road From Farragut north including a bypass around Matanzas High school .
    The Project proposed two plans both would include ten to twelve foot multi use sidewalks on either side However several routes were proposed north of Forrest Grove with varying financial and environmental impact.
    However no studies of a smaller scale two or three lane bypass were made.

    Resident's questions about Noise and crime from extra traffic generated by this accelerated access were not answered. Residents on Forrest grove Expressed fear for safety because of the present speed of traffic.
    Remediation for the trees lost along Old kings from Fleetwood to Frontier During the water line installation for the conservatory and Hammock dunes golf course a few years back are not being addressed at this time. The choices seem to be,what side are we going to put the retention ponds.
    No landscaping or noise buffers were illustrated to be a part of the planning process.