• Old kings Road Four lane from Palm coast Parkway to Matanzas

    Tonight we heard Some Alternatives for the proposed widening of Old kings Road From Farragut north including a bypass around Matanzas High school .
    The Project proposed two plans both would include ten to twelve foot multi use sidewalks on either side However several routes were proposed north of Forrest Grove with varying financial and environmental impact.
    However no studies of a smaller scale two or three lane bypass were made.

    Resident's questions about Noise and crime from extra traffic generated by this accelerated access were not answered. Residents on Forrest grove Expressed fear for safety because of the present speed of traffic.
    Remediation for the trees lost along Old kings from Fleetwood to Frontier During the water line installation for the conservatory and Hammock dunes golf course a few years back are not being addressed at this time. The choices seem to be,what side are we going to put the retention ponds.
    No landscaping or noise buffers were illustrated to be a part of the planning process.

    Looks like the F section is in for more Noise and a 5~15 year wait for traffic signals at Fleetwood Frontier or Farmsworth, IF funding becomes available.
    I propose the project should be scaled down to an affordable and simple two lane with a turn lane in the center and one generous side walk on the East side with a dense canopy of Live oak planted to negate the present traffic noise from I-95. Something the developers of the conservatory should have financed when we ran the water lined to them.
    At least lets get sidewalks and the trees replaces on the east side and accelerate a plan to create a two lane Around the back of the High school reducing High speed traffic on the residential Street Forrest grove Drive. Residents that back up to the road are already encroached on enough without the extra 26.5 feet of right of way the city will have to purchase. to widen the road. To provide a safe evacuation route the road does not need to be race track straight Nor does it need to be four lanes that bottle neck at the high school on the current Old kings road. Four lanes will only encourage higher speeds on a road that has safety issues at both ends , A school on the north and businesses on the south.

    UPDATE there is a website for this project now at http://www.oldkingsrdpde.com/
    The proposed improvement involves Old Kings Road Widening and Extension from Palm Coast Parkway to Forest Grove Drive (Widening), for a length of 3.3 miles, and From Forest Grove Drive to Old Kings Road (Extension), for a length of 2.6 miles. The anticipated widening of Old Kings Road would consist of adding two lanes on the east side of the existing two-lane roadway from Farragut Drive to Forest Grove Drive. The extension of Old Kings Road would consist of the outside two lanes of an ultimate four-lane divided roadway. The project will consist of new asphalt pavement, drainage, concrete curb and gutter, and sidewalks. In addition, the project will include streetscape and irrigation, and upgrades to storm water retention ponds and traffic control, including signage and striping.

    The project is currently in the Product Development and Environmental (PD&E) Study Phase.

    Alternatives Analysis

    Once the viable corridors are determined, several engineering alternatives will be developed within the corridors that will meet future travel demand and attempt to minimize impacts to the community and the natural and physical environment. The alternatives will be developed with input obtained throughout the study process from the public, local government and environmental agencies. The no-build alternative, or the alternative to make no improvements, will remain a viable alternative throughout the study. The alternatives developed will be compared based on community and environmental impacts, costs for design and construction, engineering inspection, right-of-way acquisition, construction and environmental mitigation. Public and agency comment and sentiment are also considered during this analysis.