• Pellicer Creek Raid war Re-enactment

    Confederate men firing Cannon to kill them Yankees at the agriculture Museum  Re-enactment.This past weekend(October16&17, 2010), I was dragged into helping the cooks at the Florida Agriculture Museum( Not really, it just felt that way) to cook for the Re-en actors. It was me,the awesome chic taking ALL the orders(except for 30min or so I wasn't) George, the boss(Not really), Jim, the slop server and cooker,Craig, the other secondary cook, who was sitting down half the time, and Vicky,Jim's daughter, and a few other Volunteer who were all serving drinks and helping out other place.Overall, the slop was pretty good which was Pulled pork sandwiches,hot dogs,hamburgers,cheeseburgers,fries,chips,and Sunday's breakfast for the cooks and Re-en actors was the best biscuits and Gravy from cans and boxes.
    Now, enough about the cooks and volunteers of the Cracker Kettle, I am going to tell you about the important stuff.
    the very first guy in tan i believe is the Sargent. It all started in 1864, the U.S. was divided into two sections, North and South. They had different names, the Northerners' name was Union and the Southerners' name was Confederate. Well, the Union decided to ambush the Confederate's skirmishes.The Confederate then
    attempted to defend their land. After about 5 minutes between Calvary, North Artillery opened fire on troops who were coming from behind. The confederate artillery quickly fired back to help the other guys out.
    During that moment, the Confederate decided to split into 3 different companies(groups) and started to press Northern lines, from there, Union Artillery took out Right flank by firing a cannon. The remaining few men merged over and joined the middle group.From there Union began to press lines in full force, and the south were forced to move over.Suddenly, out of nowhere, Confederate's Left flank came under fire and basically all of the men(and 3 or 4 women, I'll explain later) were killed. The remaining North shoved the rest of the Confederate off the battle field and the Southerners surrendered and the dang Yankees won!

    Two women wearing Dresses from the late 1800's with corsets on as well Now,about what I was talking about the women. Some of the women thought they would never see their husbands again, so they disguised as men in the war. Very few actually were never known as women until they were taken to the hospital, and some took it with them to their grave. Other women thought it wasn't fair that they couldn't fight in the war back then, so they too joined the war.Then there were some women who were actually medics, who took care of the injured soldiers.The rest of the women stayed at home and made uniforms, and other things like flags, that they needed.
    Well, for those of you who were there,I hope you had fun, and for those of you who weren't, you missed out on a lot of important history. But don't worry, it will be going on next year somewhere around this time of year bigger and better.

    Special thanks to the Re-en actors , for giving me the history I did not know.Hope to see you next year!-Anna(the girl who took your order so you could get your food! :D )