• Princess Place Preserve

    This beautiful 1,500-acre preserve situated in the northern part of Flagler County was purchased by Henry Cutting in 1886 and passed on to his widow Angela Mills Cutting Worden, who eventually married Boris Scherbatoff, an exiled Russian prince. Angela assumed the title of princess and it was then that the once named "Cherokee Grove" came to be known as "Princess Place.

    The original lodge built by Henry Cutting stills stands as Flagler County's oldest intact structure. Also on-site is Florida's very first in-ground swimming pool.

    From the landmark signage: In 1791, the king of Spain offered a 1100 acre land grant to Fransico Pellicer. Henry Mason cutting Purchased the property in 1876, renaming it Cherokee Grove. Featuring local materials including; tabby block cladding , cedar and palm trunk post ,and pink Coquina. the Adirondack camp style lodge was constructed in 1887. The complex included servants quarters, a caretakers house, tennis courts, stables, bathhouse, pool house and the first in-ground concrete swimming pool in Florida. The Lodge became an entertainment center for many socially prominent Americans and New York families as well as European royalty. Cutting died in 1892, leaving a widow, Angela Mills Cutting and two small children. Angela later married an exiled Russian prince, Boris Scherbatoff, a member of the Russian royal family. Because he feared for his life, the Prince later changed the spelling to Scherbatow. After Prince Scherbatow died in 1949, the Princess used the lodge as her primary residence. For this reason it became known as the Princess Estate. In 1954, Princess Scherbatow sold the property to Lewis and Angela Wadsworth, one of the founding families of Flagler County. Flagler County purchased the property in 1993 as a preserve.
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