• Washington Oaks Gardens State Park

    I heard about the Washington Oaks Gardens State Park plant sale that is held the second Saturday of every month by the Friends of Washington Oaks, so we decided to make a day of it. The variety of plants was outstanding. Visitors will find Florida Natives including duranta, crinum lily, coral bean, fire bush and prickly pear. From Cactus to Stag-horns there is something for everyone. The park is amazing and the best part is, the proceeds go to benefit the park facilities.
    Whether you're looking for a short trip to enjoy the flowers that the park has to view or if you're trying for some table fare from the intracoastal waterway the park has something to offer for everyone. With a large playground for the kids and picnic tables with grills, you can easily stay all day and take advantage of all the park has to offer.
    We made a day of it and from start to finish it was a WONDERFUL time.

    Started off the morning chillaxing with a cup of coffee at the place to be.

    Then after going to the Flagler Beach Farmers Market to pick up some fresh veggies we headed out to the plant sale at Washington Oaks.

    ALL of the roses were in full bloom and the smell in the garden was out of this world.

    Every time I see this tree it never ceases to amaze me how big it is.

    So many photo opportunities abound in the park every time I go I feel like I am a member of the nature paparazzi on the red carpet gala of the Creator.

    Cant go to Wash. Oaks without a trip across the street and a short walk to the rocks.

    I am certain that a relative of Luke Skywalker lives somewhere in this intricate system of caves.

    I have never had a bad trip to this park. Sunshine or rain it is so different every time that is never gets old.


    Tip: Bring some mosquito repellent when you go. You may not need it, but if you do it will make your trip more enjoyable and you will be able to stay longer to take advantage of everything there is to do and see at this park that is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Palm Coast.

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