A Few White Hairs From The Wig

Making a great Garden

Flowers are Pretty but they are not the ROOT of a Great garden. Every element of a garden should have a functional Well thought out and engineered design. Flowers are rarely constant (if they were they would be boring) and the foliage on some cycles through some ugly periods. They should not be relied upon for anything more than an aria.

Evergreens lend structure and life to the garden, like the strings in a symphony They make the backbone and adorn the form that has followed the primary functions and tie a garden together through the seasons

The First and most important aspect to man forming nature is that Mother nature is a stubborn and relentless host and she arbores bare earth. The weeds as we call them are efficient and will fill any niche they are given.

Before the Flora is the Terra Firma and the Elements, The Soil the sun The Wind and the rain

The Garden is an extension of the indoor living space and its first purpose it to provide shelter and comfort to humans and to please the senses , all of them, not only the eyes are to be pleasured with Texture , color, and light guided them on a rhythmic adventure. But the nose with smells Not only the vulgar sweet scents of the flowers with their gaudy perfumes whether it be sun baked pine straw, the hearty smell of loam or the delicate odor of petrichlor. The ear is protected from the howl of the wind and the shelter of canopy brings the song of the birds and the scurry of insect and rustling of leaves and the refreshing drip of water.

All of these things must be contemplated with each modification to the master plan of our garden. No one plan can fit all situations.

Stone should look as if it has been there a thousand years.

Water should flow as it is the giver of life to the plants and the animals.
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