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    I am looking for a new refrigerator and would like to know what is the best kind to get. Am looking for a french door and about 24 q feet.

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    try scratch and dent world in south daytona,they all come with full warranties and you can purchase extended ones as well

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    S & D World is no longer in South Daytona.

    Frigidaire is good, as is Kenmore. Got mine at it. I checked consumer reports first, then read all the customer reviews before deciding on one.

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    I'm thinking that DKaiser probably got the fridge a few months ago!

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    This may be ten months late and ten bucks short, but when choosing a fridge, remember, it will be the centerpiece of your kitchen. So get something that looks goooood! Of course, it should fulfill your needs now and in the future. Buy a reliable brand and skip the extended warranty unless there is a problematic feature, like some icemakers. If it's an unreliable brand, skip it altogether. Even an extended warranty won't do much to cure the headaches if it should break down and spoil all your food.

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