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Thread: LCD Matte flat screen RCA 46" TV

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    Default LCD Matte flat screen RCA 46" TV

    We bought this around the first part of 2010 at the local sears store. We also bought the service contract. In 2011 the picture went out and they repaired it, no charge. Today they came because it is showing lines and triple images, Lil Dee thought her eyes were going nuts! They are replacing the TV with a new one. We paid about 160 bucks for the plan. We are way ahead of that cost today. We are so glad we bought it. Don't usually do that but this one was brand new except it was the display model and we got it for 50% off the full retail price.

    I bought a Panasonic TV in Germany back in 1977. It is the type that can be played all over the world no matter the Hertz or the voltage. It is still working. I gave it to my friend almost ten years ago. The speakers went but he uses surround sound so it matters not.

    They really do not make things like they used to. I also have a set of Kenwood triple "D" speakers rated at 120 watts each. I bought them the same day I bought the TV in Germany. I use them to this day.

    Go figure right?
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    Default Re: LCD Matte flat screen RCA 46" TV

    Good thing you bought the extended service contract!
    No they don't make things like they used to... Remember as a general rule when refrigerators lasted 20 years? Not today! Crazy!
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