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    Default Cantina Louie

    Located on the SE corner of US1 & Hwy 312, St. Augustine


    Almost didn't stop because the spouse thought the exterior was cheesy and touristy looking. The parking lot was half-full, even on a Monday @ 6pm. I pulled in despite the spousal abuse. We're glad I did.

    The big sellers here are the "Mexican Street Foods" which is a variety of tacos. $2 Tamales on Sunday, $5 Mojito's on Monday. We decided on traditional dinners.

    We ordered Classic Mojito's, Chile Rellenos, and Carnitas Burrito.

    The Mojito's were properly prepared, with lime, muddled mint & simple syrup. Very tasty. Went down way to fast. Only $5 on Mondays!

    Handmade chips and salsa start everything off right:

    The Chile Rellenos were battered every so slightly in egg and stuffed with queso cheese. The red sauce did not drown out the chiles. A few seeds remained just to give a good kick. Served with rice and beans.

    The Carnitas Burrito was stuffed with tender pulled pork heated gently in a flat top grille. It was smothered in a wonderful queso sauce. Served with rice and salad.

    Cantina Louie's is a loud, family style cantina with big, purple booths. By the time we left this place almost packed with repeat customers. We'll be back.

    Did I mention Mojito's are only 5 bucks on Mondays? :D :D :D
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    Default Re: Cantina Louie

    I believe me, my wife and her parents ate there one night! The food was out of this world!

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    Default Re: Cantina Louie

    Going to the orthopedic in St. A today.............Gonna be hard to resist stopping.
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