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Thread: Golden stories are worth sharing!

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    Cool Golden stories are worth sharing!

    Golden stories are worth sharing!

    FLYING HIGH! Firefighters have pulled a few cats out of trees, but this time they were happy to put something back. A golden eagle is soaring high above the hills in San Ramon after being rescued last month. A golden eagle is soaring high above the green hills outside San Ramon after an intensive month in rehab.

    The 12-pound golden eagle was released into the wild after being found injured last month. "I don't know why she was grounded. I sort of suspect she may have been hit by a car, but I do know that she definitely hit her head," Wildlife Hospital Veterinary Director Guthrum Purdin said.

    The bird was bleeding, unable to see out of one eye and disoriented. Veterinarians say she might have eaten rats that were poisoned. "These rats eat a little bit of this, they get sick, then they eat more, they get sicker and the eagles, the coyotes, the bobcats, they catch them. And the poison builds up," Purdin said.
    Full story on ABC7 News:
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    Great story!

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