With 25 years experience and Voted Best Wings for the past 4 years we decided to give Skyline a go.

We ordered 2 entrees and 2 large sodas.

10 Wing Basket w/ Fries: The wings were cooked correctly and covered with ample Hot Sweet & Tangy sauce. We were warned the sauce was their hottest. It was hot, but more of a spicy, peppery hot than a "melt your face off hot". The fry portion was ample and they were served hot with a light dusting of seasoning. Overall quite tasty.

Chicken & Waffles: The waffle was sickening sweet and under cooked with a chewy, dough-like consistency. The pecan butter was tasty, but added an additional layer of unwanted sweetness. 5 wings were included, but no garnish, seasoning, or syrup. A big let down considering their website states..."Here at Skyline Chicken & Waffles, people recognize us for our classic recipe of Chicken and Waffles." We've had chicken & waffles all over the south and these give southern cooking a bad name.

Overall the wings were a hit, but we were let down by the Chicken & Waffles. The price, including 2 large drinks was $28. A bit steep for wings, and a mediocre waffle.

-1 star for the Chicken & waffles
-1 star for the pricing

3/5 stars