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    Default Thai Korner

    Thai Korner sits unassumingly in a strip mall. If not for good online reviews and friend recommendations, we would have never visited this little gem.

    The decor is typical for an asian restaurant, clean and inviting. The sushi bar was small with 6 stools.

    Service was immediate and cordial. The menu's were offered and drink orders taken.

    One of the cornerstones of any oriental restaurant should be it's house tea offering. Surprisingly, Thai Korner (TK), offered both green and jasmine teas. I literally couldn't believe what I heard since most oriental joints around these parts only offer black tea. Kudos, TK, kudos!

    We arrived in time for the $15 dinner specials, offered in Thai, Japanese, or Vegetable varieties, with many choices available.

    The Japanese roll menu is quite varied and should fit any taste. The Sashimi were adequate, but nothing exotic. Offering Krab (yes, with a K) on your Sashimi menu is shameful.

    We started with the Dragon Roll. The inside out roll was delicious but a tad heavy on the cream cheese and not enough spicy goodness from the mayo.

    The salads were fresh, crisp and served ice cold. The ginger dressing was house made and very fragrant.

    My partner had the Japanese dinner special, consisting of Unsweet Roll, Seaweed Salad, Gyosa, and Fried Rice. My Thai dinner special came with Green Curry, Crispy Rolls, Gyosa, and Fried Rice.

    Both specials were well-prepared with amble portions.

    The Fried Rice was very light and not glistening in wok oil. Very refreshing compared to most oriental joints. The Gyosa was lightly fried and crispy, sitting on a bed of cucumber sauce.

    The Green Curry was mild and fragrant with lemongrass and basil. The Unsweet rolls were bursting with seafood, but lacked the kimchee topping.

    Refills of hot Jasmine tea were offered and delivered. I swear I could just sit here, drink tea, eat rice, and read Siddhartha all day.

    All-in-all, the food was excellent. Service was fast and not pushy. Will definately visit again. 4/5 stars.

    While TK shined in the food area, sadly, I must take away a star. The two sushi chefs behind the bar were wearing street clothes. One of the young men had on a tank-top and full-head of bushy hair with no cap. The second young man was wearing a long sleeve track jacket and no cap. Very sloppy, even if this was early dinner service.
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