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Thread: When will the VA saga end ??

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    Kathy, I don't watch Fox. But am aware of the controversy with WWP. Do you think that the VA is running it? Just kidding. Guess I figure that not much happens with my tax dollars that go to the VA, on the other hand a greater percentage of my contribution to WWP gets to those in need. But, I'm following this closely.

    While we are at it , The VA must be heaving a sigh of relief with this news

    I was thinking about Coates situation and the hell he went through. The stress and anxiety must have been enormous. Of course stress does nothing for anybody's health especially those with serious health problems. Kath, I've watched too many of my friends suffer through Agent Orange and PTSD, then suffer further trying to get help from the V A. I remain convinced that it should be shuttered and those who are wounded of injured be enrolled in Tricare for medical care.

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    Default Re: When will the VA saga end ??

    How much fraud and abuse is there in the VA System. I know someone who served less than 22 months and suffered no injuries, he got on the VA "Payroll" one year when he had zero income. He and his brother both gamed the system and are still using the system thereby reducing resources that are much needed for people who really need it and deserve it. There is no way to turn these people in on the VA Website. If people abuse Welfare, Food Stamps, etc. they also abuse the VA.

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    Default Re: When will the VA saga end ??

    There is a spot on the Group W bench for those who would abuse the VA benefits that rightfully belong to those who have served honorably.

    I wonder if it would do any good to report the abuse either through the VA IG office at:

    or even through one of your Congresspersons?
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    Just look to St. Augustine. The clinic there has moved. The buildings they rented were torn down to make way for a new Lowes. Two years ago they knew they were moving.

    In that time they remodeled the place. Repaved the parking lot. Then they tore it all down. They have moved into portables, again rented. Imagine how much money was spent on all that? Most of the furniture and equipment was not taken with them. They bought new.

    Dumb, very dumb.

    It is the administration at the VA and the DOD not to mention the executive branch that is at fault for the failure to run the VA in the black. The people who work there are fantastic and really care.
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