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    Not sure who would be a better Potus sheen or trump.

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    Just watched 13 Hours...I am in agreement with Fastcar, but of course we are "Monday morning quarterbacking."

    I have to reiterate again as I have said many times before, "We sleep safe in our beds at night because of men ..." like these dipicted in the movie and make no mistake about it, they are very real; but, alas human also, maybe more so than many of us as they have seen and experienced the very best and the very worse of humankind.

    I think society as a whole (and of course, I know there are exceptions) get our knowledge and expectations from what we see in the movies and TV, or read in books...where the good guys make all the right decisions and wins in the end. In real life there are no scripts telling everybody what to do and say and if they screw up and move wrong or say the wrong dialogue, they don't get another "take" or do over.

    The turf wars between agencies are harmful IMO as well as a lack of respect for the others' abilities, experiences, and so forth.

    It is so hellish in some parts of the world that we can't even trust the "good guys" if we can even figure out who they are. I think it is obvious that there was stuff going on over there that neither our public nor the rest of the world should know I am sure it is elsewhere and the constant politicalizing and making partisan politics out of every instance is going to hurt us beyond measure.
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