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Thread: Red Lobster, St. Augustine

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    Default Red Lobster, St. Augustine

    As a native Floridian, I've never visited a Red Lobster (RL), or any chain seafood joint for that matter. But I was intrigued
    by their "Endless Shrimp" special for $18. The price is slightly more than our favorite Chinese Buffett, except it's mainly shrimp.My wife, the constant red-headed skeptic tagged along.

    RL was clean, with immediate seating by the window. Our server, Angela, was quick,
    attentive, and personable. We ordered the Endless Shrimp specials, which included 2 sides and Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

    A word of warning, those Cheddar Bay Biscuits were like hot crack in a basket. Luckily we had the willpower to limit ourselves to
    one each. I don't know what they're made from but they warmed up the cockles of my heart!

    Our side choices were salad and fries. The fries were crisp and hot, with just a touch of salt. The salad was ice cold, fresh, and
    served in freezer blasted bowls. Very nice.

    The shrimp choices are impressive; Grilled, Popcorn, Breaded, Scampi, Garlic Sriracha, Linguini Alfredo, and Paresean Peppercorn. We sampled them
    all with the exception of the Linguini Alfredo (we didn't want to fill up with pasta!).

    The grilled shrimps were outstanding. Served hot with excellent grilled flavor. The sriracha will put hairs on your butt, so be careful with that one.

    The scampi was tender, hot, and not salty as we were anticipating. The garlic was subtle and fresh. Best drizzled with lemon.

    The battered shrimps were light, crispy, and not overly battered. One thing we hate is when there is more batter than shrimp. This was some of the best
    battered shrimp I've had in an establishment in a long time, and that's saying something. The Parmesean batter was a nice touch, crispy with a touch of
    peppery goodness.

    All-in-all, we were impressed. The service was top-rate, the food was very good, and the pricing was phenomenal for the amount of shrimps we put away.

    Red did a good job. We can't wait until next year.
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    Default Re: Red Lobster, St. Augustine

    Sounds and looks likes a good time was had by all. Great review!
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    Default Re: Red Lobster, St. Augustine

    Yes the biscuits are like crack!
    RL when they run their specials can be a good deal.
    Glad you enjoyed yourselves.
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    Default Re: Red Lobster, St. Augustine

    Good report, thanks!

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