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Thread: Ai Japanese Restaurant

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    Default Ai Japanese Restaurant

    Until now, I always thought Palm Coast was seriously lacking in authentic Japanese food. The two places we visited before had little in common with traditional Japanese food, other than their name and sub-standard sushi.

    We stumbled by Ai as we were driving looking for another place that was closed. Located in a strip mall, Ai is very plain from the front. Not knowing what awaited us inside, we took a gamble and went in.

    We were seated promptly and ordered green tea. The menu had items that most 'americanized' japanese/sushi restaurants have...bento boxes, sushi, sashimi, rolls, and crab rangoon. I almost gave up until I started noticing Donburi, Yakitori, Yosenabe, and Yaki Soba on the menu. There was hope!

    My better half is unfamiliar with traditional Japanese food so I ordered Yosenabe (fish kettle pot) and the Sushi & Sashimi Dinner.

    First up was real miso soup, not fish sauce flavored consomme you get elsewhere. The miso was fresh with tender tofu and the right amount of scallions. Excellent.

    The salad was typical lettuce and carrots, but had a very light mayo dressing with subtle hints of ginger and sesame. Served ice cold. Very tasty.

    The Yosenabe was served steaming in a traditional clay pot. It was stuffed with salmon, tuna, shrimp, beef, veggies, udon noodles, and a homemade fish cake. A classic meal made just right. More than enough for 2 to share.

    The Sushi & Sashimi dinner was served in a classic junk boat. The sashimi ( tuna, snapper, salmon, shrimp, flounder ,squid) was very fresh and cut appropriately. A traditional tuna roll finished off the boat. Garnishes included ginger, wasabi, lemon, daikon, and cucumber.

    Our meal was excellent. I haven't had a authentic, traditional Japanese meal in a long, long, time. My better half was most impressed by the sashimi quality and freshness.

    The green tea was a pleasant surprise. Real green tea! No bags. Hand brewed and served in an an iron kettle. Generally I only get real green tea at home. Excellent and surprising.

    Ai is a little Japanese gem hidden in Palm Coast's westside.
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    Default Re: Ai Japanese Restaurant


    always looking for a new place to eat, surprised you didn't say where it was but I found it

    208 St. Joe Plaza Drive
    Palm Coast, FL 32164
    (Next to ACE Hardware)
    Lunch: Mon. - Fri. 11 am -2:30 pm
    Dinner: Mon. - Sat. 4:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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    Default Re: Ai Japanese Restaurant

    sounds great

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