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Thread: Organic waste disposal ideas?

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    Hi, I am new to this forum. I love gardening and I have a huge garden in front of our house. I usually grow flowering plants, some herbs and veggies.
    Garden adds a refreshing outlook to any house. It is really good to have a garden which gives a beautiful touch and elegance. But when it comes to the garden waste it seems to be an issue. Garden waste can be any organic material that results from gardening activities or leaf debris, garden cuttings, seeds and any garden litter which is not useful. I used to maintain the garden well, so I could manage the garden waste to some extent. But sometimes it is very difficult for the disposal of organic waste.
    I heard about a landscape supply company in Toronto that they serve garden gravels, mulches etc. Along with that, they provide service for the collection of organic waste. What are your thoughts on this? Is that a good idea for the disposal? Please help me with your valuable suggestions. Thanks.

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    Any updates about this? How about compost pits? isn't that helpful for the disposal of organic waste especially from leftover stuff from the kitchen?

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