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    Default Red Frog & McToads, South St. Augsutine

    South of St. Augustine on A1A, Red Frog & McToad's is a bit out of the way. It's your typical sports bar that seemingly advertises everywhere. The reviews were mixed but we were hungry and driving back home. The decor is sports themed with a multitude of TV's.

    Seating was quick, but waiting for a server was 10+ minutes. Our server was also the bartender attempting to multi-task call-in orders, walk-ups, drunks at the bar, and us, all alone in the corner. She was pleasant, but frazzled.

    We ordered a couple of draft beers, the Fried Haddock & "Ultra" Shrimp, and the nightly special Prime Rib.

    Ordering the prime rib was a mistake. At least 25% of the 10 ounce portion was fat and gristle. The remaining meat was tough and was difficult to cut with a regular knife. I guess they don't trust their customers with steak knives. The baked potato was decent, but the little dish of mushrooms bathing in an au jus seemed like an afterthought. Definitely not worth the $16 on special.

    The fried haddock and shrimp were battered lightly and crispy. The haddock filet almost covered the entire basket. Very tasty. The fries, however, were limp, flat, lukewarm, and devoid of any seasoning. You could tell they were sitting under a heat lamp for a while. If you're going to fry fish to order at least make some fresh fries. The hushpuppies had good flavor but were extremely dense. They should have been light and fluffy, not heavy dough balls.

    There are too many items on the menu for Red Frog's to offer consistent, good food. Just read all the reviews that show inconsistencies as well. However, in Red Frog's defense, it looks like a decent typical sports bar for watching a game with your bro's, downing some brews, and causing a ruckus. When you figure out what they're good at cooking consistently let me know.

    (please don't hijack this thread with frozen food mumbo jumbo)
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    Default Re: Red Frog & McToads, South St. Augsutine

    Odd place. South Beach just down the road is much better.

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