HMMM seems very familiar to the ss program and health care. Are we that close to communism?
Is China a Communist country? Well, that is a tough question to answer, but one thing that might help everyone understand a little better is a rundown of the actual welfare programs and actual examples of socialism that China actually has. Socialism with Chinese characteristics is the official name, and it can be confusing to say the least. Let us break it down for you and you can come up with the answer yourself!

Want to learn about another culture, these guy give a deep insight on there channel. Look through there channels for hours of balanced and honest insight that may change the way you think about American policies or at least provide a lot of interesting insight.

Winston and Cmilk have a full feature movie about China the diverse topics they cover as they ride motorcycles across china are a vary entertaining and educational whether you want to learn for personal enrichment or investment insight. I have only been to Hong Kong and didn't cross over to the mainland , but while the language Barrier is a BFD still I feel prepared to visit in the future if required.