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    Monday morning we had to put our almost 10 year old German Shepherd down. What is killing me beside s the loss is we had no clue as to what was going on until her problems became super evident. I've had German Shepherds all my life and like to think I'm pretty knowledgeable regarding the breed. Maybe 'cause I'm getting older haven't been paying close enough attention this just kicked my ass.

    She had degenerative myelopathy. What it does is in simple terms is screws with the brains signals from transmitting down through the spine and back. First indication was occasionally her left rear leg wouldn't articulate fully. Then it would fold under her. A few weeks later it began to effect her right rear leg.This past weekend I had to pick up her hindquarters so she could move. This moves so fast and there is nothing to do for it. No prevention, no cure and it does not show until the dog is over 5 years old. Eventually the dog would lose control of the bladder and bowels, then it would move to the front legs. Our vet Dr. Hyatt at Community Animal Hospital was aware of this but had nothing to offer as there is no cure. She is the best, I highly recommend her. Anyway if there is a plus to this it is there is no pain involved at least at the stage we saw. This is caused by a mutated gene so I guess the only way to test is if you are buying a dog from a breeder is find out how old the parents and grand parents are and hope for the best.

    So thats the story. I'm lost, these dogs have been a third of our family forever. I'm thinking I'm too old to train another Shepherd but they are what I know. That is why her passing has reduced me to a friggin' puddle. I know I'll never be able to enjoy one of these amazing dogs again, she was supposed to outlive me.
    Time to suck it up and move along, I know it will get better.
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    I am so sorry for your loss. What you are feeling now is the cost for loving and being loved by such a magnificent creature. Try to remember how fortunate you were to be able to make such a great home for your beloved pet and to know she needed for nothing while in your care.
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    I am sorry too about you losing your beautiful dog. I had to put down my elkhound- shepherd mix when she was 14 and it was the hardest thing I ever did. Loved that dog so much. Our dog makes a place in our heart that never leaves us. Your dog is across the "Rainbow Bridge" with my Brandy and all beloved pets who have made that crossing. hugs to you, Fastcar.

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    Thanks all. I appreciate your sentiments. She isn't the first Shepherd I've lost. I get the pain involved, guess it was the shock of it all. Happened so fast.
    Been on the phone with the AKC who thus far have been about useless on info about this disease. One would think that as a sorta clearinghouse for some truly expensive animals they would have a bunch of info on it.
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    Default Re: I'm lost

    So sorry for your loss.

    Why train a new dog? The shelters have older dogs that have been trained looking for homes.
    Or maybe just foster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sundealer View Post
    So sorry for your loss.

    Why train a new dog? The shelters have older dogs that have been trained looking for homes.
    Or maybe just foster.
    I have all the respect for those who adopt. But for me I want to know all I can about any dog I'm going to spend a sizable amount of time with.
    I want to see the mother father and if possible the grandparents of the dog. I want to be able to have some idea as to what the pup may evolve into. I want to be able to train the dog myself. I don't want any quirks or have to live with a dog that has some hidden problem that shows up down the road. This disease that just took my dog was genetic and well hidden others like hip or elbow dyspalsia are observable. Also if bought from a reputable breeder the medical is pretty well known.
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    Default Re: I'm lost

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stumpy McDugal View Post
    Thanks Stumpy.
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