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Thread: Video Cameras and Posting video to YouTube

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    Has anyone ever posted a video on YouTube? What is the simplest camera with good video and sound to operate (megapixels)? I'm guessing the GoPro, but I'm not sure. Some cameras are so difficult to operate and cause you to zip through their menu to get to the point of being able to video tape. Isn't that funny, we're still using that word 'tape'. Looking for good video and sound qualities and the only camera that comes to mind is GoPro, as that is what they were designed specifically for. What is the process for putting your video on YouTube? I don't know if anyone may know the answers but it's worth a try. Thanks for reading.

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    I've uploaded videos from my dDLR, smart phone, GoPro clone, and other chicom knock offs. 720p is a good resolution to start with.
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