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Thread: Recovery Starts Amid “Unimaginable” Destruction From Michael

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    Tallahassee, FL – More than 400,000 utility customers remained without power Thursday morning as thousands of rescue and utility crew members spread out across coastal and rural Panhandle communities to respond to the devastation inflicted by Hurricane Michael. Gulf Power, which provides electricity in hard-hit Bay County, anticipates people in the impacted areas could be […]

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    The videos are just so sad to watch!!!!! Praying for all of them!!!! Brick homes should have had a better chance of survival for the people instead of all of them termite traps that blow over and threaten other homes in their path! Prayers for the family of that poor 11 year old girl taken so suddenly in Georgia by this storm!!!!! This is just horrific!

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    "Termite Traps? why disparage those who find it necessary or just want to call them home, does it make ya feel better?
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    Do termites bother refrigerator box's??
    The real National Emergency resides in the White House. Lock him up!!!
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