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Thread: DBPD Hopes Code Walks Will Fix Cityís Image

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    Daytona Beach, FL – A new program is designed to clean up Daytona Beach one neighborhood at a time. Code Walks – a public effort organized by the Daytona Beach Police Department – will hold its third event on Wednesday (November 7th) at 10 a.m. from the old Halifax Lanes location at 660 Mason Avenue. […]

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    Default Re: DBPD Hopes Code Walks Will Fix Cityís Image

    Sounds good to keep everything looking nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeannie View Post
    Sounds good to keep everything looking nice.
    Maybe the city of Palm Coast and Flagler County need to take notice also. Our Code Enforcement just drives around and does nothing and I see it every day. They drive by cars sitting on the grass, messy yards, yards that have absolutely NO trees in them(must be 4 qualifying trees per developed lot), trash in the yards, over-grown grass and weeds, and the list goes on! Code employees sure must have too many friends in all sections of Palm Coast to just turn a blind eye. And on another note, since Waste Management gets a guaranteed payment for their services whether they do their job or not from ALL residents, the're employees sure are leaving half ass messes in people yards on Wednesday IF they even show up at all!! And on regular trash days they leave cans in the road destroy swales why using them for doing U-turns ( and while breaking the road's edge) and in the medians, and etc. etc. I blame the City of Palm Coast for this and they are the ones ultimately responsible for Waste Management doing their jobs now. We need to get more people to call and report unsatisfactory work and get this company booted if they think they are bigger than their customer!! We need for folks to start respecting their customers. The people of Palm Coast are also customers of the government and are above them as they get their paychecks from us! Apparently we need someone to babysit them and Waste Management to get things back in order.
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