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Thread: Ellen is #1 Person!

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    Default Ellen is #1 Person!

    "...of no more satisfying conceit than the discovery of such hidden depths of character in one's own child..." - From Survive the Savage Sea
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    Default Re: Ellen is #1 Person!

    Ellen is a pathetic bimbo! Sure she 'helps' a lot of people but I hate her with a passion! She's a POS in my book. But glad for the people she's helped.
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    Default Re: Ellen is #1 Person!

    WTF are you, unreal

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    Default Re: Ellen is #1 Person!

    Quote Originally Posted by slick View Post
    WTF are you, unreal
    Have pity on him, it's a comprehension issue
    I'm a black and white type of guy, the only gray in my life is the hair on my head!

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    Default Re: Ellen is #1 Person!

    This is how it should be.
    This is NOT Ellen!!

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    I found a preacher who spoke of the light but there was brimstone in his throat
    He'd show me the way according to him in return for my personal check
    I flipped my channel back to CNN and I lit another cigarette
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    Default Re: Ellen is #1 Person!

    I personally think she's creepy and she prefers to buy her friends! But at least she is a giving person even if it's all for the wrong reasons. Yes, she's a creepy person cause she looks like a baby faced boy with them creepy eyes and that stupid haircut. I used to like her and I used to watch her but that got real old real quick long ago with her pouting charade she did on TV when her sole mate left her. What a damn show that was. I wasn't fooled by her fake show to gain her needed affection from her audience suddenly. I think it was a ploy to really kick start a show that was going nowhere fast. I think a lot of TV hosts buy their audiences by showering them with gifts. Look at Oprah ( Now that's one lady I do admire!!) All of them spend and give on their shows. That money should go to the needy who sleep under bridges and in cardboard boxes! Another one I can't stand is Jimmy Fallon!! What a dip Sh!t! I see nothing funny about a clown. He bought his way into that stupid ride of his at Walk Disney and rubbed our face in it. Ellen did one and only her's was just a narration on a cool 3-D ride! I dislike people when they think they own TV and they think they can own you. And like the majority say, give all you can without looking for the attention of doing so just to stick your ass high on a pedestal for it! When you do so much good and demand attention for it, it was for all the wrong reasons but it sure got you ratings eh?! Just like those who stuck Ellen high up on her perch like she was a queen or something. And why in the hell do it in front of the world?? Can't you donate in peace without demanding attention for it?? YES, what they do is appreciable but they are going about it all wrong!! I think Ellen is a tranny..... She thinks she is a man..... And those who say Ellen is #1, well, it's all for the same reasons that many are fooled everyday. Ellen is no different than anyone else. I do wish her luck.
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    No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn.

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