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Thread: Solar Panels Out Of Soda Cans

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    Default Solar Panels Out Of Soda Cans

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    Awesome! Thank you for sharing.

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    What a great idea
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    That is a great idea and recycles at the same time.

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    Totally awesome
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    I've seen this done before with DIY projects. I'd love to figure a way to use it to heat my pool in Indiana. I think the hard part would be making the cans or the system water tight. With air it wouldn't be as big of a problem with little leaks around the edges of the cans.

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    Default Re: Solar Panels Out Of Soda Cans

    This is an awesome thing. I think I watch this guy on TV once

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    Default Re: Solar Panels Out Of Soda Cans

    How Cool!

    But will it pass code in PC?

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